Reflextion for Thursday of Holy Week

Reflextion for Thursday of Holy Week

Written by Anne Brittain, fos

Exodus 12v1-8, 1 Corinth 11v23-26, John 13:1-15

At the start of the most solemn days of the liturgical year, the readings call us to remember and to act. The remembering of liberation (Pesach), that takes place each year in Jewish households, with its questions and quest for deeper meanings in modern contexts, invites us to recollect our communal and personal memories of ‘passing over’ into new dynamics of life; at the same time it calls us forward. The Gospel reading connects with other biblical texts of foot-washing (Genesis 18v44, SofS 5v3 etc). Practical and a sign of hospitality in hot, dusty climates, the tradition can point us in the direction of deeper sharing; a companionship of empowerment.
How in our communities of ministry and life do we celebrate, search out and share in acts of liberation and hospitality? Prayer: Creative God, You show us that our true identity lies in relating to our earth and each other. Help us to find ways of living in today’s contexts as Jesus did in his time.