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Celebrating Palm Sunday

Written by Flor Maria Quesada, fos

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Prosperity in your homes!
Peace within your walls.
(Psalm 122, 6)
On this day we remember the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem
Jesus asked his disciples to bring a tethered colt and Jesus mounted it to enter in Jerusalem. The crowd of the disciples accompanied him in a festive way; they spread their cloaks on the road before him and raised the branches of palms with great joy. Many persons speak of the miracles and prodigies that he had worked; there are cries of praise that are heard: “Blessed is he who is coming as king in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest heaven” (Lk 19, 29-38).
The crowd acclaims Jesus as king and He accepts, he agrees since his way of reigning is different from what the world presents. His kingdom is of justice, of peace and of love. It is a kingdom that is present in life, in reality, that listens and responds to the cries of the weakest and the excluded, of the voiceless and of those who have lost hope.
Let us enter Jerusalem with great joy; this is the heart of our Congregation! And let us accompany Jesus in renewing our commitment with the Kingdom of God (Constitutions 12, 13…)
God continues to call us through the Prophet Isaiah
Lord Yahweh has given me a disciple’s tongue, for me to know how to give a word of comfort to the weary. Morning by morning he makes my ear alert to listen like a disciple (Isaiah 50, 4).
Isaiah presents a servant, who has the mission to be near those who are discouraged, to tell them and accompany them with a word of comfort in the opportune moment.
We are called, men and women, to listen to the Word of God that invites us to carry out the mission of accompanying the persons who have lost hope because of the harshness of the situation in which they live in the impoverished countries.
It is a living and efficacious Word for our world that has great need of consolation in the midst of difficulties, injustices because of violence, human mobility, human trafficking…
The servant listens in order to be able to transmit faithfully and as a guarantee the Word and the Will of God.
Today, we also need to renew our attitude of listening. How are we responding, according to our Charism, to the cry of the oppressed, of the excluded…? (Constitutions 15)
Let us remember the significance of Jerusalem for our Congregation.
Zion – Jerusalem
About Zion I will not be silent,
About Jerusalem I will not rest.
(Is 62, 1)
“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, what an inexpressible magic in this name!”
(Fr. Theodore 1858)
Jerusalem contains in itself the hope of generations. It summarizes the merciful love of God for the Jewish people and for all peoples. In spite of all the tensions and fears, it is always a symbol of hope and of peace that the world yearns for. It is here in visiting our houses, that people learn to love Jerusalem when deepening on the mystery and the realities of the roots or origin of our faith. Frequently, it is from here that people from all over the world meet us for the first time and discover our Charism. This is an experience that can change life for them as well as for us (General Chapter 2010).
“I am in Jerusalem; as yet I have not accustomed myself.
I tell myself, twenty times a day: I am in Jerusalem!
What a marvellous grace! This is the first realization of my dream and of all my desires…”
(P. María Alphonso, during his first stay in Jerusalem)
“Shout for joy, daughter of Zion, Israel shout aloud,
Rejoice; exult with all your heart
daughter of Jerusalem!”
(Zp 3,14.)