Brothers and Sisters gathered in Fr. Alphonse’s house.

Brothers and Sisters gathered in Fr. Alphonse’s house.

This is a very important week for Brothers and Sisters of Sion, as we have two special days: May 1st was the anniversary of Birth (1814) of Alphonse Ratisbonne and tomorrow (May 6th) is the day when we commemorate his death (1884). In Jerusalem, Brothers and Sisters have been gathering for 4 days of studies of important letters sent between sisters and priests during the last days of Fr. Alphonse Ratisbonne’s life.

Yesterday there was a presentation of Sr. Philomene’s letter (from Fr. Alphonse’s time), in which she explains with much detail of what happened during those days of sickness and consequent death of Fr. Alphonse. The meeting took place inside the original house of our founder.

On May 2, the meeting took place at Ratisbonne, during which Br. Elio Passeto, NDS explained about life in Jerusalem during Fr. Alphonse’s time. He used some photos from that period, specially some taken in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Tomorrow there will be the celebration of the Eucharist with Fr. Donizete Ribeiro, NDS at 10:30am, in honor of Fr. Alphonse’s death. Check below the pictures taken yesterday: